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The vibrating table is a device that vibrates up and down. It is used to decant powders and similar items. The vibratory movement of the vibrating tables is particularly suitable for the sedimentation of granular to coarse materials. It is also very effective in handling a variety of metal parts such as nuts, bolts and rivets. Shaking tables are generally electromechanical in design and come in a variety of sizes and power ratings. Motorized vibrating tables are available and used for very heavy duty applications.

Proper compaction of cement concrete when pouring compression specimens is essential to achieve higher compressive strength. The vibration table for construction testers is ideal for this. The table top is designed to accommodate cube molds and is equipped with edge stops to prevent molds from sliding off the table during operation. The vibration motor is specially designed to operate the vibrator.

Vibrating tables are used for many different applications and in many different industries. For example, they are used for recycling, in the pharmaceutical and food industries, in the chemical industry, etc. Vibrating tables can be used to compact products, but you can also vibrate sand into your product. When you buy a vibration table, you have the choice between a vibration table with a drive based on an unbalanced motor or a magnetic vibrator. The range includes the following vibrating tables:

Both vibrating tables are suitable for compacting, mixing and testing products up to approx. 100 kilograms. The drive of these vibrating tables consists of two 2-pole unbalance motors and can generate elliptical and linear vibrations.


They are used to compact concrete samples in the laboratory and are made of durable sheet steel.

Equipped with a vibrating motor of 3000 vibrations per minute, it is possible to vary the intensity of the vibrations acting on the eccentric masses.

All vibrating tables are equipped with a vibrating motor, a control unit and a clamping device.

The device is used to hold the molds on the table during the jogging process.

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