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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Testing Equipment is established in 2009. Since then we the most trusted construction testing equipment supplier. 

We are  located at Zoo Tiniali, Guwahati, Assam. 

We  sell  construction testing equipment  all over north-east India. You can also buy brick making machineries from us.

There are few ways that you can contact us. Through website  whatsapp, email or by direct call.

Yes we do provide service after sale. Incase you face any problem with machine then you can contact us. If required we can also send our technician for troubleshoot your machine.

Yes we have service engineer to take care of your machine related problems after purchasing machines. You can contact us when required.

We accept almost every kind of instant payment like online bank transfer, offline cash deposit or any other Instant method.

We have two option for machine shipment. Customer can bring their own vehicle or we can send machines through transportation. Additional charges is applied for transportation.

Our Team

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In its 12 years in the industry, our company has  become one of the most developed brands in Northeast India. To accommodate clients, the CEO of the company Manab Bhattacharya has brought the company up a notch. Since then, he has created a team of dedicated employees who are actively working to maintain a position in the market that was once imagined.

“Actions speak louder than words”. Thus, our company’s members are committed to diligent work and active participation in the construction industry. As a business, we adapt to the changing market, but we maintain our values and ethics. As a team, we are diverse, innovative, highly trained, resourceful, and committed to creating an inclusive environment to meet the needs of every client

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