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vibrating machine
Driven Type
Max Weight
Max Vibration
12000+/-400 vibration per min
Cube size
70.6 mm

Product Description - Vibrating Machine

Vibrating machine consists of vibrating frame assembly and an electric motor mounted on a sturdy base.

The complete frame assembly consists of a vice to hold a 70.6 mm cube mould and two studs threaded at top and a hopper to feed the sample in the mould  this assembly is supported on four springs and has an in build rotating shaft which rotates eccentrically and thus imparts vibrations to the entire frame. A balance weight is an integral bottom part of the frame. the center of gravity of the assembly is brought to the center of the eccentric shaft within a distance of 25 mm below it. 

The electric motor drive the shaft of the frame and the thus impact required vibration to be moulds. The frequent of vibration is 12000 +/-400 vibration per minute. Supplied complete with on 70.6 mm Cube Mould with loose base plate, a time switch 0-5mins x 1mm

Spares: Set of springs, belt and guard.

Optional: Digital preset Timer can be Supplied at an extra cost.

Reference Standard: IS 4031 1968, IS 1344 1959, BS 4550

Concrete moulds are easily cast by using temping bar or a vibrating table. However air is trapped in a cement mortar paste cannot be thus remove while casting cement mortar moulds. Easy methods is to impart greater vibrating of lesser amplitude to the mould while casting this is achieved in a vibrating machine

Vibrating machine is used for preparing of mortar cubes for the determination of compression strength of ordinary and rapid hardened portland cement, and high alumina cements.

Program to meet all listed EN and ASTM standards, custom designed programs or manual mode. the mode button used for the fast selection of different programs. the mixing paddle revolves at a rate of 140 rpm. with a planetary motion of 62 rpm. in low speed. in high speed, the paddle revolves at a rate of 285 rpm. with a planetary motion of 125 rpm. An automatic sand dispenser is supplied with the machine and the sand is automatically discharged. Custom design allow 6 program to be set by the operator, where the motor speed, sand dispenser position and duration of the mix can be set. For the the mix where the motor speed is selected as zero, the bowl can be lower without interrupting the rest of the program. On the display the user can see the mix time and the machine equipped with lamp in order to warn the user for critical time period.

Standards: IS 4031 1968, IS 1344 1959, BS 4550.

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vibrating machine

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