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Product Description - Trowels

Trowels Meaning

A trowels  is a small hand tool used to dig, spread, smooth or move small amounts of viscous or particulate material. Common types are the mason trowel, garden trowel, and floating trowel. Any hand tool used to apply, spread, shape or smooth loose materials or plastics, including: a shovel or flat garden tool for harvesting and planting small plants.

The trowel is used in masonry or stone to cut, spread, level and shape mortar or concrete. It is made of steel and has a wooden handle. The ends of the shovel can be sharp or blunt.

The trowel is the name for many construction and gardening tools. These tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes and usually consist of a multi-shaped metal blade attached to a short handle. Some are flat, while others are curved, and are used in a variety of ways for spreading, digging, digging and laying.

Types of trowels

  • Brick trowel. This tool has a slightly rounded diamond-shaped blade. Brick trowels are available in a variety of models. They are also used to compact bricks and are used by skilled masons to cut bricks.
  • Trowel or finishing trowel. A tool with a large, flat, rectangular blade with a handle used to smooth a surface. Finishing spatulas are available in different widths and lengths depending on the job.
  • Ground/Flooring Designed for placing concrete, this tool is shaped like a lancet bow with a rectangular back and a pointed front that fits into the corners.
  • Pointed Trowel. A smaller version of the trowel, this type has multiple functions: it’s used to separate concrete from the forms it’s poured into, to finish joints in brick walls, and to spread material in tight spots.
  • Sharp blade Trowel. A long, thin tool with a thigh jack is used to pack the mortar between the bricks.

Trowel Uses And Functions

A trowel can serve many purposes: cultivating soil in a small area after it has initially been broken up; digging, planting or transplanting in situations where a pot is too small; weeding and how to harvest large, for example, to mix the soil with additives like fertilizers or vermiculite. They are often sold in gardening kits and various other gardening hand tools, such as a cultivator and gardening pitchfork. Some special gardening tools include a weeding trowel that fits between cracks in the sidewalk and even a special “dandelion trowel.” Another special version has serrated sides for cutting roots and weeds.

Types of trowels available with us:

Trowel 90x115x165 mm to EN 12350-4
Trowel 60×140 mm
Trowel 100 mm, pointed type
Cement Trowel
Rectangular Trowel 120×250 mm

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