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Tripod Stand

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Tripod Stand Model No.Description of the Tripod Stand
ZI 9038-A

Tripod Stand. Circular with iron top and steel legs. Top external diameter 125mm height 200mm

ZI 9038-ByronIron Wire Gauge. 150mm square with a ceramic center. Pack of 10

What is a laboratory tripod stand?

A laboratory tripod stand is a three-legged platform used to support flasks and beakers. Tripods are usually made of stainless steel or aluminium and made light-weight for efficient portability within the lab. Often a wire gauze is placed on top of the tripod to provide a flat base for glassware. Tripod stand are generally tall enough for a bunsen burner to be placed underneath. Lab stands are used in every area of science, especially chemistry, for holding and manipulating an experimental apparatus.

A laboratory  tripod stand  is a portable, three-legged platform equipment, which is usually made of lightweight metal such as stainless steel or iron so that it can be moved conveniently within the lab. The main usage is to support or hold the flasks and beakers during experiments. Most of the time an Wire gauze with ceramic center is required to be placed on top of the tripod stand in order to allow the glasswares to be placed on top of it. Due to its height, a bunsen burner can be placed underneath to heat them up.

Laboratory tripod stand uses

A laboratory tripod stand is most commonly used in middle and high schools for basic heating experiments. However, tripod stand and bunsen burners have been made obsolete by hot plates, which are considered to be safer since there is no direct contact with the flame.

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Tripod Stand

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