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Features of Speedy Moisture Meter

Accuracy (%)
+/- 1%
Moisture Range (%)
Reactivity tester for quick lime
20 gms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece

Product Description - Speedy Moisture Meter (D2 Large)

The Speedy Moisture Meter measures the moisture content of materials such as soil, aggregate, concrete, sand and powders. Simply place the material to be tested in the container, add the reagent and read the moisture content on the calibrated meter.

A Speedy moisture meter is a portable test method for determining the moisture content of soil, sand and fine aggregates. The process involves the reaction between water and calcium carbide, which releases a gas when mixed. The amount of gas is directly proportional to the amount of water present in the sample and the percentage results are taken from the pressure gauge.

Speedy Moisture Meter Includes:

The Speedy Moisture Meter test set consists of:

  • A 20 gram pressurized container with a clip on the lid.
  • Rubber gasket for sealing,
  • Pressure Gauge calibrated in percentage of humidity 0-25% x 0.25% in wet weight,
  • An electronic balance to weigh the samples,
  • Measuring scoop for the carbide reagent,
  • One bottle of reagent.
  • A cleaning brush and the set of 4 steel balls used for mixing.
  • Provided in polished wooden crate with carrying handle.

Standard for Speedy Moisture Meters: ASTM D 4944 AASHTO T 217

Speedy Moisture Meter Method


Determine the moisture content of a soil sample by using a speedy moisture meter.


The Speedy Moisture Meter helps to determine a quick and easy way to determine soil moisture content. It is particularly useful for field moisture content determinations in conjunction with field compaction tests. Fast Moisture Meter is also known as Calcium Carbide Moisture Meter.

The basic principle of this method is that free moisture in the soil reacts with the reagent calcium carbide to form a gas called acetylene gas. This gas exerts pressure on the inside walls of the fast moisture meter, which is reflected by a pressure washer. The pressure scale is calibrated so that the pressure reading directly reflects the percentage of moisture per wet weight of the soil.

As the moisture content is, by definition, expressed as a percentage of the dry weight of the soil, the readings obtained from a rapid moisture meter are corrected with the following expression:

ω = (ωsp  / (1- ωsp )) x 100


ω = moisture content in percentage of soil dry weight

ωsp  = moisture content, determined with a quick moisture meter, expressed as a decimal fraction



  1. Speedy moisture meter
  2. Reagent
  3. Two 1.25 inch steel balls
  4. Cleaning brush and cloth
  5. Scoop for measuring Reagent


  1. Weigh approximately 6 grams of the wet soil sample on the tar balance and place it on the lid of the tester.
  2. Place three tablespoons of calcium carbide and two 1.25-inch steel balls into the largest chamber of the moisture meter.
  3. With the pressure tank approximately horizontal, insert the lid into the pressure tank and close it by tightening the clamps.
  4. Raise the moisture meter to a vertical position so that the soil falls out of the plug into the pressure vessel.
  5. Shake the instrument vigorously to break up the clumps and allow the calcium carbide to react with freely available moisture. The instrument must be shaken in a rotating motion so that the steel balls do not damage the instrument or cause debris to become embedded in the opening leading to the pressure diaphragm.
  6. When the needle stops moving, record the scale reading while holding the instrument horizontally at eye level.
  7. With the instrument cover facing away from the operator, slowly release the gas pressure. Empty the pressure tank and look for lumps in the material. If the sample is not completely pulverized, the test should be repeated with a new sample of wet soil.
  8. Apply a correction to the scale reading to convert moisture content to soil dry weight.


The Speedy Moisture Meter can determine the moisture content of up to 20%. If the moisture content of the sample exceeds the measurement limit, a half-size sample should be used and the dial gauge reading doubled.



  1. Care should be taken that no calcium carbide comes in contact with the soil until a complete seal is achieved.
  2. Shake the instrument by rotating the instrument in a horizontal plane so that the moisture tester is not damaged during shaking.
  3. After completion of the test, slowly release the gas pressure pointing the instrument away from the operator.
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speedy moisture meter

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