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shape index caliper
0.4 Kg
450 X 150 X 50 mm
Measurement range
200 mm
Increment by
0.05 mm
Minimum Order Quantity
2 Piece

Product Description - Shape Index Caliper

What is Shape Index Caliper?

The shape index caliper is used to determine the shape factor of aggregates.

A caliper (in British spelling also calipers or in the plural a pair of calipers) is a device used to measure the dimensions of an object.

Many types of shape caliper allows the measurements to be read on a defined scale, dial, or digital display. Some gauges can be as simple as a compass with the points pointing in or out, but no scale. The measuring tips are fitted to the points to be measured and the dimension is read by measuring between the tips with another measuring tool, such as a ruler.

It is used in many fields such as mechanical engineering, metal processing, forestry, construction sites, wood processing, science and medicine.

Standards of Shape Index Caliper: EN 933-4, DIN 4226, CNR NO.95, NLT 354

How to use the Shape index Caliper:

A Shape Index caliper must be positioned correctly against the workpiece to make the desired measurement. For example, when measuring the thickness of a panel, a caliper should be held perpendicular to the workpiece. It can take practice to correctly measure round or irregular objects.

Measurement accuracy when using a Shape Index caliper  is highly dependent on the skill of the operator. Regardless of type, the jaws of a caliper must be forced into contact with the part being measured. As the part and gauge are always elastic to some degree, the force applied will affect the reading. An even, firm touch is good. Too much force will result in underindication as the parts and tool Shape; too little force will result in insufficient contact and excessive reading. This is more of an issue with a Shape Index caliper that contains a wheel that offers a mechanical advantage. This is particularly the case for digital gauges, misaligned gauges or gauges with poor beam quality.

Simple Shape Caliper measures are not calibrated; the measured measure should be compared to a scale. Whether the scale is part of the caliper or not, all analog calipers , verniers and dials require good vision to achieve the highest accuracy. Digital calipers have an advantage in this area.

Gauges with a calibrated Shape  can be mishandled, resulting in zero loss. Of course, when a caliper’s jaws are fully closed, it should read zero. If not, it needs to be recalibrated or repaired. A Shape Index caliper does not lose calibration easily, but a strong impact or accidental damage to the measurement surface on the caliper jaw can be severe enough to shift the zero point. Digital calipers have zero adjustment buttons for quick recalibration.

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