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Range Pole

Range Pole

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Threaded joints

5/8” x 11


2/3 metres.

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What is a Range Pole?

Range pole is a survey instrument that is used for spotting and marking the position of survey stations. They can also be used to range straight lines. If a range rod is longer than 12 feet, it’s called a ranging pole. And it can be used for measuring long survey lines along property boundaries.

Range Pole surveying definition : A straight pole or rod sometimes jointed, usually painted in one-foot bands of alternate colors of red and white, and used for sighting points and lines in surveying.

Heavy-duty range pole features alternating 12” orange and white sections. 5/8” x 11 Threaded joints allow for fast assembly. Sizes: 2/3 metres.

Use of Range Rod in Surveying

Surveying is the first step if we are going to construct anything. Surveying is to mark reference point, and these points are a guide through the whole construction. When a survey is supposed to be conducted on any construction site, its length is greater than the chain.

It becomes essential that the measurements are aligned with the chain. This method of marking intermediate points on the survey line is defined as ranging.

Range poles are used to mark areas and to set out straight lines on the field. They are also used to mark points which must be seen from a distance, in which case a flag may be attached to improve the visibility. Range poles are straight round stalks, 3 to 4 cm thick and about 2 m long.


How to use Range Pole

In surveying, one of two or three slender rods or staffs (prominently painted or marked, and usually sharpened at one end or provided with a pointed shoe or with a tripod by which it may be placed firmly in or on the ground in a vertical position) used for the purpose of prolonging a straight line by setting the third pole or locating a point in the straight line through the other two prolonged.

In rough range pole surveying, a method by which one may place himself on a straight line between two distant visible points, by moving two range pole into successive positions until the straight line through the two poles passes through the two distant points simultaneously.

Range Pole surveying instrument consisting of a straight rod painted in bands of alternate red and white each one foot wide. Used for sightings by surveyors.

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Range Pole

Range Pole

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