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mixer with heating jacket
6 Liters
Power Supply
230V A.C., Single Phase
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece

Product Description - Mixer with heating jacket

Construction Test Equipment is the supplier and manufacturer of high quality Mixer with Heating Jacket. The devices provided by us are used in the testing lab and are available when needed. We are experienced in supplying our range of asphalt testing lab mixers to colleges, universities, schools, construction sites and research labs. In addition, we also supply the devices in bulk to many if required. Our range of Mixer with Heating Jacket are highly appreciated by customers for their precise data interpretation in construction, durability and great performance.

What is a Mixer with Heating Jacket?

The Mixer with Heating Jacket consists of a 6 liter mixer, which is mainly used in combination, and an ISO coating. The mixer is suitable for mixing asphalt samples. The stand mixer is a 6 liter capacity table stand mixer and is available with a whisk, whisk and bowl. The device works with a two-speed motor at 230 V AC, single-phase. In addition, the ISO coating electric heater is mainly used for table top mixers, mainly for single phase AC 230V 50HZ.

Features Mixer with Heating Jacket :

  • The 6 liter Mixer, mainly used in combination with an Iso Mantle
  • Used to mix bitumen and asphalt samples
  • There are specific mixing applications where, in addition to mixing the raw material, heat or excellent effect is applied to make the final product.
  • In this Mixer with Heating Jacket, an additional U-shaped jacket is made alongside the central U-channel of the mixing equipment. The other jacket is the best cost-effective solution to impart the direct heating and cooling effect to the inner material at the same time. Electric thermal heating system maintains temperature control and balance in each batch for heating purposes.

Application of mixer with heating jacket :

Mixer with heating jacket are mainly used for this applications:

  • Uniform mixing with heat or cold treatment
  • Suitable for removing minor moisture from hygroscopic materials
  • Small to large scale mixing of dry solids
  • Mixing and combining of dry powder with wet material
  • Mixing and combining dry capsule formulations
  • Consistent blending, mixing and lubrication of dry granules in large batches
  • Mixing with external heating and drying of raw materials
  • Application of a small amount of liquid materials over large particles of dry solid powder.
  • Mixture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, food powders, spices, seasonings, flavorings, tea and plastic granules, polymers, dyes, cement concrete, wall putty, ceramics, rice husk ash, fly ash, talcum powder, granular carbon black, titanium dioxide, zinc, aluminum phosphate, yellow phosphorus, oil, paint, , specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, fertilizers bulk, cosmetics, organic fertilizers, soap powder.

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mixer with heating jacket

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