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Levelling Staves

levelling staves

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What is Leveling Staff / Levelling Staves

Leveling Staffs / Levelling Staves are quality aluminum rods which is used with a level to determine the height difference between points or heights of points above a reference surface. Cannot be used without a level.

Level Sticks / Level Sticks are basically the instruments used to determine the difference in elevation between two points. The staff is also commonly known as the staff staff, level staff, and self-read staff, because staff readings can be done directly by the instrument operator at the leveling instrument.

Types of Levelling Staves provided by Construction Testing Equipment

  • E-type,
  • Bar coded,
  • Standard invar,
  • Industrial invar levelling staffs,

As most of the staffs are sectional and so can be adjusted in length to allow for easy storage and transport. The aluminium levelling staves adjust with telescopic section inside each other, while the wooden levelling staves uses sliding slip joints or connections.

How to read Leveling Staff

Taking Staff Readings.

The levelling staves  measurements are made as follows:

(1) The levelling staves / levelling staff is carefully installed and leveled.

(2) The staff is held vertically above the sight post.

To keep the staff upright, the staff stands behind the leveling staff with the heels together and the bottom of the staff is in between the toes. Hold the staff in between your palms at face level. The wand is moved until the bubble is in the center of the back.

(3) The instrument operator points the telescope towards the pole and focuses it with the focus screw. The telescope is moved until the rod is exactly between the vertical bristles of the diaphragm.

(4) If the spirit level is not centered on the telescope, use the leveling screws to center it. From now on you can read.

The gap value is the gap value at which the horizontal hair appears to cross the gap.

A range display consists of 4 digits. The first digit represents the whole number in meters, the second digit represents decimeters, and the third and fourth digits represent millimeters.


So when we say a staff reading is 2.175, that means it’s 2 meters, 1 decimeter, and 75 mm to the division where the horizontal cross appears to cross the staff. (75 mm means 15 fields in the stretch).

When the target is viewed through the telescope, it appears upside down.

Therefore, when the stick is pressed, it must be read from top to bottom (not bottom to top).

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Levelling Staves

levelling staves

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