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Laser Distance Meter


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Product Description - Laser Distance Meter

What is Laser Distance Meter ?

Laser Distance Meters are used to accurately determine the distance from one object to another without contact, this task is performed with a Laser. These Laser Distance Meters are often used in the industrial sector and in particular in construction-related crafts such as carpentry, masonry or metalwork. These Laser distance measuring devices impress with their easy handling and the high accuracy of the recorded results. Laser Distance Meters can be used to measure, store readings and determine area and then display volume or elevation on the screen

The compact and practical entry-level model is specially designed for indoor use. Key combinations for addition, subtraction, and area and volume calculation make measurement fast and highly reliable. The last 10 measurements are also saved. The Laser dot is clearly visible. You can still see your crosshairs even if the target object is in a hard to reach area. This Laser Distance Meter with digital output features a 3-line display

Advantages of using Laser Distance Meter:

  • Fast and easy: measure distances at the touch of a button and calculate areas or volumes.
  • Measuring edges or angles – with the swivel tip, you’re ready for every measurement situation.
  • Small and practical: Thanks to its ergonomic and compact design with soft grip, the ZI 8012 fits well in the hand and fits in any pocket.
  • Clear Display – Results are displayed on a 3-line display. The backlit display is easy to read even in the dark.
  • Simply smart: min/max measurements, tracking and recording of results make your job much easier.
  • Case: Store everything neatly.
  • Wrist strap: holds the instrument at all heights.

How to use Laser Distance Meter

Laser Distance Meters work by sending out pulses of Laser light. Light is reflected off a solid surface and the meter calculates the time it takes for the reflection to return to the device. An internal processor calculates the distance based on the time it takes for the reflection to return.

Laser distance meter how to use:

Hold the device firmly at the chosen starting point. It could be a wall, a floor or the inside of a door frame. Make sure it’s stable.

Turn on the Laser Distance Meter and point it where you want to measure. Make sure the Laser is visible and not aimed at mirrors, windows or glass.

Press the measurement button.

Keep the Laser still until the measurement appears on the screen.

Measuring with a Laser Distance Meter is no different than measuring with a metal tape. Instead of stretching the tape from point A to point B, point the Laser across the room. Using Laser Distance Meters can be useful for complicated measurements such as the inside of a window frame or difficult measurements such as the floor-to-ceiling distance.

It is common for Laser meters to have addition and subtraction functions to help you with quick calculations. You can use the tools to combine two lengths that were not calculated at the same time, or to exclude a section from a measurement. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adding and subtracting in your tool.

Some Laser Distance Meter models also have area or volume modes that perform automatic calculations. If you have a device with this feature, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to enable compute modes. These are the few laser distance meter uses.

Laser Distance Meter Outdoor

Laser distance meters can be used outdoors. However, as they use reflected light to calculate distance, certain external conditions can affect accuracy. For example, rain can make accurate measurement impossible, while a bright, sunny day reduces the distance you can measure.

How does Laser Distance Meter work?

Laser Distance Meter operation consists of emitting a Laser pulse on a target. The pulse is then reflected off the target and sent back to the transmitting device (in this case, a Laser Distance Meter). This “time of flight” principle is based on the fact that Laser light passes through Earth’s atmosphere at a reasonably constant speed. Inside the gauge, a simple computer quickly calculates the distance to the target. This distance calculation method is capable of measuring the distance from the Earth to the Moon with an accuracy of a few centimeters. This is how laser distance meter works. Laser distance meters may also be referred to as “range finders” or “Laser range finders.”

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Laser Distance Meter

Laser Distance Meter

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