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Laboratory Scoops
325 cc, 500 cc, 1000 cc, 2000cc and 5000cc
Material of Construction
Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece

Product Description - Laboratory Scoops

What is a laboratory scoop?

Laboratory scoops are available in a variety of materials for optimal compatibility. Sterile disposable laboratory scoops eliminate any risk of contamination, while stainless steel and porcelain offer resistance to high temperatures and harsh chemicals.

  • Laboratory scoops are great for powders and usually come in pre-measured portions.
  • Samplers, plungers and paddles are ideal when liquid needs to be drawn from a deep container

Small amounts of powder, chemicals, pastes, creams or active ingredients can be reliably measured, sampled or collected. The laboratory scoops are made of stainless steel and is fully fabricated with no sharp edges, cracks or notches.

Laboratory stainless steel scoops are made with a pointed end and a blunt end. This kind of functional design allows small amounts of tissue to be scooped out and handled. Stainless steel laboratory scoops are used for precise and hygienic dosing of powders and granules in the laboratory. It is suitable for all hygienic applications.

Laboratory stainless steel scoops for construction testing equipment are made of high quality stainless steel that resists corrosion and chemical abrasion and is also easy to use and handle as all its parts are argon welded. Its careful design gives it an elegant and aesthetic finish.

Construction Test Equipment Stainless steel laboratory scoops are 100% inspected and tested as they are manufactured by our highly skilled workers as per Indian and international industry on the latest well equipped CNC machines and latest techniques such as cutting and bend and other standard structural guidelines.

Features of our laboratory scoops

Corrosion  free,

 Accurate Mesarurement,

Flat surface,

Very Durable,

Easily washable,

easy to clean,


Use of laboratory stainless steel scoops

The laboratory scoops are used to move earth, cement, aggregates or other granular or powdery materials. They are made of stainless steel/aluminum with handle. There are several sizes and types available. Made of stainless steel/aluminium.

Capacity: 325cc, 500cc, 1000cc, 2000cc and 5000cc

Scoops are used in laboratories for a variety of purposes: as sample spoons, scrapers, mixing and stirring instruments. The disposable product is chemical and corrosion resistant and is specially designed for single use.

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Laboratory Scoops

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