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Laboratory Concrete Mixer

Laboratory Concrete Mixer

Features of Laboratory Concrete Mixer

230V, AC Single Phase
Drum Capacity
100 Ltrs
Minimum Order

Product Description - Laboratory Concrete Mixer:

The Laboratory Concrete Mixer has been designed for mixing small quantities of concrete used in preparation of concrete cubes, for testing in laboratories. The purpose of the Laboratory Concrete Mixer is to smear mechanically the aggregate surface with cement paste uniformly. This in turn gives consistent quality of cube specimens when casted. The design of mixing paddles ensures uniform & efficient mixing of cement & aggregate.

This concrete mixer for laboratory is suitable for aggregate size upto 20mm. The arrangement helps the operators to access the pan contents conveniently & emptying the mixture after completion of the operation. The drum is driven off the ribbed base.

Laboratory Concrete Mixer is a Concrete and mortar mixer for light professional and DIY use. Designed to give reliable service with low maintenance requirements. The compact storage size makes the Mixer a convenient product for DIY users.

Advantages of using Laboratory Concrete Mixer:

  •  Light and effective the Mixer mixes a full barrow load
  •  Compact enough to be transported in the boot of car
  •  Supplied complete with stand
  •  Direct drive for increased reliability
  •  Full thermal overload protection
  • Shortened mixing times
  • Suitable sizes
  • Simple and long-lasting design

Concrete Mixer Used In Laboratory:

Laboratory concrete pan mixer uses : 

  • For quality specimens to be manufactured efficient mixing of concrete, prior to moulding is essential. Mixing helps in coating the surface of all aggregate particles with cement paste and bring uniformity in the mixture.
  • They are suitable for mixing small quantities of concrete, generally used in the laboratories. Laboratory Concrete Mixer Machine is widely used in Schools and concrete laboratories.
  • Laboratory Concrete Mixer is also suitable for floor concrete mixing on site.

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Laboratory Concrete Mixer

Laboratory Concrete Mixer

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