construction testing equipment


Weight Approximately
210 gms
Hard wood handle blade length
200 mm
Blade Material
Carbon Steel Trowel, carbon steel
Handle Material
Wood Handle
5″, 6″, 7″, 8″

What is Gauging Tool?

Gauging Trowel is a tool used to apply cement mortar or plaster in awkward areas where a floating or setting trowel cannot be used. Often used when doing mould work.

Gauging trowels are like a smaller version of the large trowel used in bricklaying but with a rounded end. They come in sizes from 100 mm to 225 mm.

Uses of a Gauging Trowel?

In the plastering trade, gauging means mixing specific proportions of plaster or cement with water. It has also meant a particular mix of plaster, called the gauge, and a gauge board would be used to mix plaster.

A gauging trowel is a versatile tool used by plasterers for mixing (gauging) small amounts of plaster, pulling plaster out of a bucket, and occasionally for applying small amounts of plaster to a wall or surface. Use this trowel for mixing or “gauging” small quantities of plaster.


Standards: BS 12, IS 4031

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