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Digital Saybolt Viscometer

450 x 300 x 550 mm
Weight (approx.)
10 Kg
750 W
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece


The  DIGITAL SAYBOLT VISCOMETER or  Saybolt two-tube digital Viscometer  is used to determine empirical measurement of Saybolt Viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperatures. The Digital Saybolt  Viscometer can be used for temperatures between 21 to 99°C (70 to 210°F) the viscometer includes water oil bath, stirrer, cooling coil, electric heater with digital thermo regulator, furol orifice, universal orifice, thermometer support and 2 x 60 ml glass Saybolt Viscosity Flask. 

Digital Saybolt Viscometer thermometer set consists of 6 thermometers with the temperature ranges; 19 to 27°C, 34 to 42°C, 49 to 57°C, 57 to 65°C, 79 to 87°C (250 mm length) and 95to 103°C where each thermometer with 0.1°C sub divisions. Filter funnel, withdrawal tube and thermometer set should be ordered separately.

 Digital Saybolt  Viscometer is supplied complete with:

  • Universal orifice
  • Furol orifice
  • Thermometer support
  • Heat transfer oil, 5 lt
  • Key Saybolt Viscosity Flask, Glass, 60 ml, 2 pcs.
  • ZI 4020 : Saybolt Two-tube Digital Viscometer
  • 220-240 v 50-60 Hz
  • ZI 4020A : Filter Funnel with Wire Mesh and Clip
  • ZI 4020B : Withdrawal Tube
  • ZI 4020C : Saybolt Viscosity Thermometer set, 6 Pcs.
  • ZI 4020D : Saybolt Viscosity Flask, Glass, 60 ml

Standards: ASTM D88, AASHTO T72

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Digital Saybolt Viscometer

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