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Digital Penetrometer

Product Description - Digital Penetrometer

What is a digital penetrometer?

The digital penetrometer is used to determine the quality of bitumen. Helps determine the consistency of bitumen for grading purposes. The device is compact with a timer to control the duration of penetration. The instrument is equipped with worm gears, levelling screws, bubble level and preset digital timer.

Standards: IS 310, 1203, 1448, IP 60, 49, 50 ASTM D5, 217, D637, BS 2000-49

The device consists of a penetrometer with an adjustable head, associated with a reducer that allows the fine adjustment of the position of the cone directly on the bitumen sample: the results are displayed on a digital screen placed in a separate control box with an electronic timer. .

The standard digital penetrometer comes with an iron bar mounted on a cast aluminum base with an adjustable foot. That the device is compact and equipped with a timer to control the duration of penetration. There is also a range of worm gear sets as well as leveling screws, digital preset timer and spirit level.

The standard digital penetrometer is equipped with a two-speed lifting mechanism for quick and accurate penetration tip positioning. Penetration is displayed on a 150mm dial oriented in 400 × 0.1mm increments and has a sliding clutch pointer. Plus, the machined aluminum comes with a built-in bubble level.

Digital penetrometer device to determine needle penetration.

The distance a standard needle penetrates the sample under standard conditions (load, time, temperature) is measured.

The depth of needle penetration is determined using an electronic measurement system separate from the plunger during testing. Thanks to this and to the free guidance of the cylinder, the influence on load and friction is virtually eliminated.

Before each test begins, the measurement system of Digital Penetrometer automatically references itself, then the penetration needle is moved into the sample with an electrical drive, which is moved by a finely adjustable joystick (a magnifying glass and flashlight are available ultra-bright LED). An automaton then releases the cylinder and locks it again after the test time has elapsed. The test result is displayed on the digital screen.

The plunger can be easily removed to calibrate its weight.

Use and Application of the Digital Penetrometer

  • To perform the standard test procedure for checking the stability of lubricating grease bearings.
  • To determine the penetration of the oil cone.
  • Analyze the penetration of the Vaseline cone.
  • For the penetration of bituminous minerals.
  • Tests the consistency of greases, petroleum waxes, bitumen and other solid to semi-solid products.

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Digital Penetrometer

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