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Digital Dial Gauge

Digital Dial Gauge Features

Button function:
on/off, inch/mm, zero
Automatic Power Off
Optional accessory
data output system, backs, contact points
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece

Product Description - Digital Dial Gauge

Digital dial gauge specification :

The digital display with its large numerals makes it very simple to use this Digital Dial Gauge. Function and display section can be rotated through 270°. The sturdy construction guarantees precision and reliability.


Digital Dial Gauge Model Range  Accuracy
ZI 9034-A12.7mm/0.5”5μm
ZI 9034-B25.4mm/1”5μm
ZI 9034-C50.8mm/2”6μm
ZI 9034-D12.7mm/0.5”5μm

Digital dial gauge indicator

Digital dial gauges adopt this working principle: the minimum displacements of the rod are converted into electrical impulses that an electronic indicator can count. The development of electronics has made it possible to produce miniaturized meters with very low energy consumption so that a simple button battery can easily power them. Digital comparators typically display a resolution of 0.01 mm or 0.001 mm.

Digital dial gauges are one of the most important measuring tools in constructing precision motors. They are typically used to measure shaft clearances, crankshaft thrust and straightness, tappet movement, and other measurements involving the distance between two surfaces or the actions of small components.

Digital dial gauge indicators, also called electronic meters, have a linear encoder with an LCD connected to a piston rod with a contact point at the end. When the point of contact touches the part or feature, the upward movement is translated into a numerical value on the digital display. These digital comparators are commonly used for field setup, calibration applications, and other applications where measuring and amplifying small deviations is critical.

A digital dial gauge indicator is also used to measure deck clearances, crankshaft thrust and straightness, tappet movement, and other measurements related to the distance between two surfaces. Digital dial gauge indicators have an SPC output function for hands-free data logging and features such as inches/metrics, data retention, and absolute positioning.

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Digital Dial Gauge

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