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Daily Rain Gauge
127mm diameter rim
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Product Description - Daily Rain Gauge

Daily Rain Gauge is supplied  with complete set, can be measuring cylinder calibrated in mm and inches.

What’s a Daily Rain Gauge?

A Daily rain gauge (additionally referred to as udometer, pluviometer, ombrometer, and hyetometer) is used by meteorologists and hydrologists to accumulate and measure the quantity of liquid precipitation over a place in a predefined vicinity over some time.[1] it’s far used for determining the intensity of precipitation (usually in mm) that happens over a unit area and therefore measuring rainfall quantity.

How is Daily Rain Gauge used in measurement?

A Daily rain gauge is a meteorological instrument to measure the precipitating rain in a given amount of time in step with unit vicinity. The apparatus includes a set container that’s positioned in an open location. The precipitation is measured in terms of the peak of the induced water collected in the box consistent with the given time and is expressed in millimeters. Because the same amount of rain precipitation is assumed to be going on across the container, the location of the series isn’t a component. However, it should no longer be too small, nor should it be too huge. Due to the spatial uniformity of rainfall, 1 mm of measured precipitation equals 1 L of prompted rainwater quantity in line with meter squared.

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Daily Rain Gauge

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