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Product Description - Cube Mould

Cube Mould Uses

Cube Mould for Concrete are used to form specimens for concrete compressive strength testing.

If the concrete doesn’t hit its design strength – or if it hasn’t been tested – the supplier can’t guarantee its quality

How to determine the compressive strength of concrete using Cube Mould Test

Cube Mould for Concrete are performed to determine the compressive strength and other general properties of concrete. In this destructive testing method, concrete cubes are crushed in a pressure testing machine. The cubic concrete formwork used in this test has dimensions of 150 x 150 x 150 mm, provided that the largest aggregate does not exceed 20 mm.

Testing requirements vary depending on whether it is used in general construction or commercial and industrial construction and also vary depending on the standards of specific geographic areas.

Hubs are normally hardened and tested after 7 and 28 days, although depending on the project they can be hardened and tested for an additional 3, 5, 7, or 14 days. The results are critical to the decision-making process that accompanies the engineering and construction of a new concrete project.

The concrete is first poured into a mold to the above dimensions and then annealed to eliminate any gaps or voids. The samples are then removed from the molds and placed in cooling baths until they are sufficiently cured to the design specifications. After curing, the sample surfaces are smoothed and smoothed. A compression testing machine is then used to gradually subject the sample to a load of 140 kg/cm2 until failure. Ultimately this determines the compressive strength of the concrete being tested.

The concrete cube mold test formula for testing the compressive strength of any material is as follows:

Compressive Strength = Load / Cross Section

It is therefore the load applied at the point of failure in the cross-section of the area where the load was applied.

Concrete Cube Mould Size Tolerance

According to Indian standard, the cube/shape dimension is,

Form tolerance (IS: 516-1959 Section 29.1) and (IS 10086-1982 Section 4.1)

The height of the mould and the distance between opposite sides must be the specified measurement + 0.2 mm.

The angle between adjacent inside faces and between the inside faces and the top and bottom planes of the mold must be 90° + 0.5°.

The inner surfaces of the mold must be flat surfaces with an allowable deviation of 0.03 mm.

Data Tolerance (IS 516-1959 Section 2.8)

The average depth and width of the sample must be determined with an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm.

Available Cube Moulds / Molds Size and weight

Construction Testing Equipment manufactures molds/hub molds according to international standards (BS and IS). These cube molds are available in different sizes. For the metric-sized cube shape, the faces are machined flat to +/- 0.2mm precision and machined to 0.2mm precision. For inch shapes, faces are machined flat at +/-0.01 inch to 0.01 inch. All hub molds are supplied complete with a base plate.

ZI 2024A – (cast iron – for mortar) 50 mm, single pitch

ZI 2024B – (Cast Iron – for Mortar) 50mm, three speeds

ZI 2024C – (mild steel – For cement) 70.6 mm, with removable base plate

ZI 2024D – (Cast iron – For concrete) 75 mm single outlet

ZI 2024E – (Cast iron – For concrete) Light weight 100 mm

ZI 2024F – (cast iron – for concrete) 100mm clamp type (8.5kg) four pieces

ZI 2024G – (cast iron – for concrete) 150 mm light (8kg)

ZI 2024H – (Cast Iron – For concrete) 150 mm ISI marking

ZI 2024I – (cast iron – for concrete) 150mm clamp type (18kg) four pieces

ZI 2024J – (cast iron – for concrete) 150mm clamp type (16kg) two pieces

In addition to cast iron and carbon steel bucket molds, Construction Testing Equipment also manufactures plastic and polyurethane bucket molds. Construction Testing Equipment is the first company in India to manufacture plastic and polyurethane cube molds.

For more information on polyurethane and plastic bucket molds, please visit: Plastic Bucket Mold.

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