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Automatic Level



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What Is Automatic Level

Automatic Level is an optical instrument used to establish or verify points in the same horizontal plane. It is used in surveying and building with a vertical staff to measure height differences and to transfer, measure and set heights.

The level instrument is set up on a tripod and, depending on the type, either roughly or accurately set to a leveled condition using footscrews (levelling screws). The operator looks through the eyepiece of the telescope while an assistant holds a tape measure or graduated staff vertical at the point under measurement. The instrument and staff are used to gather and/or transfer elevations (levels) during site surveys or building construction. Measurement generally starts from a benchmark with known height determined by a previous survey, or an arbitrary point with an assumed height.

 ZI 8013 Automatic Level (Magnification 24X) feature enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions. Tough and compact bodies are more tightly sealed against water, humidity and dust (Ipx6). The level provides quick setup, easy sighting, and superior durability against vibration and shock, ensuring the increased productivity over an extra-long period of time.

Automatic Level Advantages

The automatic level benefits are
  • Precise, Reliable Automatic Compensator – Automatic level instrument surveying incorporate the most precise and reliable compensator available in the market today. Four super high- tensile suspension wires and magnetic damping system ensure accuracy and stability even when exposed to temperature changes, vibrations, or shock.
  • Superior Telescope –  Automatic level in surveying Optimally designed telescope provides exceptionally bright and sharp view that reduces operator’s eye strain. Ultra-short focus distance of 20cm (7.9in.) from end of telescope makes it easiest to use in confined locations.
  • Quick Collimation – Two knobs of endless horizontal motion drives can be operated with either hand for fast and easy aiming.

Automatic Level Diagram / Automatic level labelled diagram

Automatic Level Diagram

How To Use Automatic Level / How to set up an Automatic Level

  1. Setup your tripod as level as possible, step on tripod legs to drive into the ground.
  2. Attach auto level to the tripod.
  3. Adjust level so bubble is centred in vial.
  4. Adjust recital until cross-hairs are clear in automatic level surveying.
  5. Adjust the objective lens until object you are sighting on is clear.
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Automatic Level

Automatic Level

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