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Asphalt content tester
Power Supply
415V, 50Hz 20 Ampere, 3 Phrase A.C.
Maximum Specimen weight
4000 gms
Working Temperature Furnance

800 degree Celsius

Testing Time
20-30 min
Size of Furnance
350mm length x 430 mm width x 300mm height
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece

Product Description - Asphalt Content Tester

The Asphalt Content Tester, also known as Asphalt Content Furnace, helps to determine the asphalt content of hot mixed asphalt (HMA) and pavement samples by removing asphalt in an asphalt furnace ignition by heating the sample, not the solvent.

 The Asphalt Content Tester is a standard for determining the percentage of asphalt in bituminous mixtures, based on the electrical ignition test method. A sample of 1200 – 1800 grams can be oven tested in between 30-45 minutes. The microcontroller of the HYRS6 Asphalt Content Tester, together with the integrated electronic balance, identifies the final ignition point and indicates the completion of the test. A printer documents the data of the results.

What is Asphalt Content Tester?

The Asphalt Content  Tester is a microcontroller-based device that uses the electrically driven furnace method to quickly and accurately determine the grade of asphalt. Asphalt Content  Tester is an economical and environmentally friendly method of determining asphalt grade using electrical ignition method.

 The HYRS6 Asphalt Content Tester has an internal electronic scale that automatically monitors sample weight throughout the firing / ignition process, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. The system is based on the principle of pyrolysis, in which the asphalt is burned leaving only the aggregate; Weight loss due to combustion is directly related to asphalt content. The simple analysis of the weight before and after the material makes it possible to assess the asphalt content. As a result of it being more efficient way this system has replaced the worldwide use of trichloroethane.

 The equipment includes an electric furnace with incinerator, a sophisticated electronic scale integrated with a test controller and a microcontroller data processing unit. All data is displayed in real-time on the touchscreen controller. Above the furnace chamber is a smoke collection chamber where the smoke mixes with the air before being evacuated by the fan through the chimney. The Asphalt Content Tester provides the asphalt content of asphalt mixes with an accuracy of 0.1%.

Asphalt Content Tester Features:

  • It is very easy and convenient to use because of its ability to conduct fully automatic test procedure and automatic printing of results at the end of the test
  • Color touch screen that allows real-time acquisition of measurement data.
  • Touchscreen allows easy navigation through parameter setup, debugging, calibration, etc.
  • Microcontroller based unit offers a high level of accuracy.
  • The recommended 1000-1500 gram asphalt sample can be analyzed in 30-45 minutes.
  • The device can hold samples up to 5000 grams.
  • There is an integrated electronic weighing system.
  • An integrated printer allows direct printing of test results for record keeping.
  • Accurate endpoint detection based on preset calibration factor.
  • Scale capacity on the Asphalt Content Meter: 10 kg.
  • Division value: 0.1 g
  • Asphalt test accuracy: 0.1% chamber ( approximately )
  • Microcontroller Unit: The control panel is installed on the front of the device. The operator can set the test parameters and start the test. During testing, the monitor displays test data and parameters in real time; The instrument provides automatic printing of the test result via the built-in printer. Security door Automatic monitoring of the closed door during the test: The buzzer is activated if the door is opened during the test Microcontroller unit: Real-time bidirectional communication with the weighing system
  • Display: LCD touch screen task menu functions include warm-up, test start, tare, setup menu, system debug, report print, ringer reset, help menu
  • Weight: 125 kg (Approx)

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Asphalt content tester

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